16 game projects
Our company has launched 16 games on different platforms
80 employees
Big close-knit team that loves its job

About BIT.GAMES company

BIT.GAMES started 2002 designing websites and high load portals along with the creation of banners, flash-cards and multi-media presentations for clients. In 2007 we began creating Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO), quickly followed in 2009 by our first appearance of social networking with a number of games. In March 2009 the company was rebranded as BIT.GAMES with a mission to focus exclusively on social networks games and mobile games.

Following on from this in September 2011 the company started to develop games for the most popular platforms on the market including iOS and Android. We continue in that direction with monitoring future developments of these platforms along with the Windows Phone. We plan to port existing games to these exciting and expanding platforms. BIT.GAMES believes that through it’s AppData and AppGrade it will in the future aid the development of these games by allowing investors and developers to track trends in search of the “star” applications.

During 2012 the company became two times bigger. This fact allowed us to develop new areas. Mobile games attracted the company's interest.
Vladimir Rozov
Vladimir Rozov
  • We've released 11 games in a partnership with various publishers in the major Russian social networks - "Odnoklassniki", "VKontakte", "MoiMir" and also in the top ten overseas;
  • We are among the top 20 developers of Russia;
  • Our support system works well, which allows the players to get the answers to any questions in time;
  • We make games that play ourselves, and millions of people around the world;
  • In addition to creating online games, we have developed and support the two projects - AppData and AppGrade, which are used by leading game developers in Russia;
  • BIT.GAMES is a highly skilled and devoted company with over 80 employees.